overcoming vicious cycle of an “adolescent” society

27 Nov

Condemnation is a common affair in the public eye, as it is also while growing up. Or at least, there are plenty of blamers being heard around us, and not so many loud voices asking us to refrain from blame. But you can’t always convince a hormonal teenager, for example, that they are wrong. And that’s often because of a vicious cycle, not just their chemical nature. Likewise, a society without proper guidance will rebel against its ‘parent’ or state. And it may also be a repressive parent. Western society is maybe not the worst of parents. But it is built on a hierarchy of complicated bureaucratic control. We the people want freedom not only to have fun, but to have more control over every aspect of our lives. But we can also get used to being pampered if our parent does not guide us towards greater autonomy. Just as this young and learning society, known as civilisation, is not ready to reach adulthood and  take back its rightful share of power, the state is not yet ready to have kids. So both need to go through therapy together. What do you think that entails? Like any problem, we go through phases such as denial, acceptance and action. And when a problem exists between two people, we need to go through a process of needs based dialogue. That is, being able to go through a respectful process of expression and listening to each others’ needs. So imagine, how would society go about such a big process? Please join the discussion.


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