The meaning of love, hate and life

15 Jul
I would rather live short and painfully in pursuit of what is truest to my heart, than live long in fear of whatever challenges this innate purpose of life.
We continue to be divided and conquered in/by our school systems and by/in our societal belief systems. The behaviour of decadence and power is the spoiling of those engaged in excessive and unguided abuse of their survival instincts. To crush others is to tell yourself that there is reason for them to see you as a threat to them. In denying others of the right to safety, one is merely denying oneself of that right. These are instincts, genetic transitions and environmental defences that we have been conditioned to submit to and that vary from person to person.
These behaviours can be subdued by personal perseverance and a surrounding culture of strength, stomach for criticism, unity and understanding. Overcome your limitations by seeing the gap between identity and empathy. Acknowledge that in times of crisis, there is a choice between competition and cooperation.
By giving into the temptation of “darker” powers or behaviours, whether it be to enact upon them thyself or to merely submit to the actions of others, would be to participate in a downward spiral of collective, emotional, and societal chaos. To challenge this shit is to do justice to thyself, to thine loved ones, and to all victims – including the scarred foe themselves. For foe is merely an inherited social construct that we anxiously and impulsively continue to mutually brainwash ourselves into believing, as an uninspiring, primitive and “comforting” tool or rule for selfish and myopic survival.
Love strong, even if it means until you are struck by the sword. Love together and pursue love in defense of love, and together disarm all that opposes it. Any opposing force that remains, as part of the creation of life on earth, serves as nothing more than a stark and vigilant reminder of the vulnerability of our being. And thus what we oft do consider foe, we must eternally cherish with warmth so as to allow all our warmth to grow and live on.

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