The world belongs to us: de-privatisation, de-nationalisation

13 Oct

Recently I was removed from the successful accommodation website AirBnB, for reasons of jeopardy to AirBnB guests. I hosted twice, then was a guest once. All of my guests and my host expressed high satisfaction with me. What I made clear on my account was that I was an unconventional host, laid back and enjoy simply having fun with my guests. I can only guess that for this reason I was removed.

Like Facebook and Google, AirBnB has become a platform too big to be claimed by a small number of private investors. We have been shepherded into a world of digital dependence, yet we have no control over the platforms and spaces we use. It is time for a global call for digital democratisation! And the same goes for all the corporations who claim to have the right to mismanage the commons of our planet. If governments fail to give these things back to the people, we must take them ourselves. This is a call for the greatest education & empowerment campaign of all time. We need to do our best to inform people, not only of what we can do with strength in numbers, but how to do it responsibly. That means we need to focus on informing the shit out of the world.


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