Appeal of an average joe

27 Aug

I’m an individual that is struggling to provide for myself or my family. I might be relatively affluent, but am struggling to find meaning. Either way, I cannot worry about the millions who are suffering. Sometimes it’s sad when I think about it, but I don’t know them personally. How can I look out for my next door neighbour or my work colleague? I have enough to deal with by just being alive. Even if I wanted to help the homeless, I’d give up because nobody else is doing anything about it.

What we are doing to nature is beyond my comprehension. So this is threatening my survival? What isn’t threatening my survival? So I’m supposed to try and fix this when I hardly understand it, no matter what the science tells me?

WHAT is the best society-wide psychotherapy to get people functionally & willfully engaged in global improvement? Is it television? Is it wealth? Poverty? Sports? Inclusion? Politics? Trips to the zoo? Fine dining? Parties?

People are driving each other in every direction. What can we introduce to the world that people can all identify with and spark some kind of awakening?
Nothing?! Shall we leave it at that?

Klot, relaxo dancing


One Response to “Appeal of an average joe”

  1. enchantedlynx September 1, 2015 at 8:33 am #

    This sounds like two opposites: being (relatively) affluent and knowing no meaning vs. being poor but helping the homeless. Meaning that even if everyone else is sitting around, your meaning could be helping the homeless. What would you regret most on your deathbed – not having made a million when you could or not having helped when you could? It might seem that the choice is black and white, but you might want to pursue both.

    A thousand mile wandering starts with a step / Chinese proverb.
    Given that everyone has the capacity to care for someone else, wouldn’t the best be to give people tools to care for just one more human being? And then one more, and one more? A place where they could come and give (churches have smart donation boxes, but the motivator might be both fear of going to hell and longing for heaven). I chose “care”, i.e. compassion, because that seems to be one key motivator (look at how people react to cute baby animals and instantly want to shelter and nurture them). Although there are other motivators [1,2], all of which include personal and global well-being. Be more inspired by taking this test

    So what are the tools? One way to discover that would be to go out and ask “What are your needs?”, like Marshal Rosenberg is doing

    [1] : 1) Stop Bribing 2) Make Them Feel Something 3) Emphasize Progress 4) Start A Cult — (With A Story)

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