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Appeal of an average joe

27 Aug

I’m an individual that is struggling to provide for myself or my family. I might be relatively affluent, but am struggling to find meaning. Either way, I cannot worry about the millions who are suffering. Sometimes it’s sad when I think about it, but I don’t know them personally. How can I look out for my next door neighbour or my work colleague? I have enough to deal with by just being alive. Even if I wanted to help the homeless, I’d give up because nobody else is doing anything about it.

What we are doing to nature is beyond my comprehension. So this is threatening my survival? What isn’t threatening my survival? So I’m supposed to try and fix this when I hardly understand it, no matter what the science tells me?

WHAT is the best society-wide psychotherapy to get people functionally & willfully engaged in global improvement? Is it television? Is it wealth? Poverty? Sports? Inclusion? Politics? Trips to the zoo? Fine dining? Parties?

People are driving each other in every direction. What can we introduce to the world that people can all identify with and spark some kind of awakening?
Nothing?! Shall we leave it at that?

Klot, relaxo dancing


Mr. President, someone in the room needs to break the ice

1 Aug

arctic ice break

Dear Mr. President,
Your task to manage a nation, and indeed a planet, cannot be without compromises. To ensure global security into the future, we must strike a balance between burning oil and divesting. Were we to end drilling today, global markets would tumble and the world would enter a state of depression and widespread conflict. If we continued to drill indefinitely at the current pace, we would not only face widespread conflict and economic depression, we would altar the atmosphere’s composition to the point of eradication of our species.

You know as well as I do that the old saying, ‘no one is above the law’, is a safeguard of the powerful. The true reality of the law is that it cannot in all instances uphold the safety and happiness of all beings. The ownership to govern the physical contents of the Arctic Ice Sheet, as you are well aware, belongs equally and most particularly to each of the 7.4bn people who have chosen to live on this Earth – as its governance is central to the state and availability of all other geographical resources. As long as this affects the survival of any single being, no written agreement can deny this true ownership. Should all humans decide that they do not wish to continue to live here, they would still not be granted permission to break the ice, as they too would be threatening the right of other species to live.

Slowly but surely, albeit too slowly, the cognitively disorientated leaders of ‘our’ oil companies are realising their responsibility to ‘strike’ the right balance between stable economy and stable ecology. As they seek to strike resources of the true global commons, you struggle to convince your electorate, opposition and international brethren that these appointed taskmen have rather knowingly, repeatedly and ‘illegally’ crossed a threshold by¬†dishonouring this balance. As long as drivers break red lights and are not incarcerated, they will continue to be legally immune. As long as smoking kills its smokers, it¬†continues to be legally sold.

It is clear that you want to leave your legacy in the form of a pivotal climate change bill, though you would love if you could join a movement of people to achieve something far greater. Mr. President, good luck on your journey to find peace and in making the appropriate economic/ecological compromises. We are all counting on you to do ‘everything’ in your power to ensure a radical but stable divestment from all carbon positive terrestrial activities.

This is literally the wake up call from the ‘locked-in’ oil industry. Fact: someone has to break the ice!

Blessings & toasts,
Allan Stewart