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State of Alienation

7 Jul

How can people be expected to live in harmony with nature if they are not in ownership of their means of production, if they are not part of the process from sourcing, to consumption, to disposal? If they do not see the effects directly, rather see them in the form of famine images on the television or in overwhelmingly vast numbers of reports and books, reality seems more like a fiction. Give people the opportunity to connect and have a say about where their food comes from, how their infrastructure is built, where their materials and energy are sourced, and they will appreciate them from cradle to grave. I, am alienated from my fellow being, from my right to decide, from my source of livelihood. Give me the chance to recirculate all things back into my local economy, to share resources with my neighbours, to show the world that there is a way for us all to live. Let’s go back to our roots and combine it with new ways of thinking and new technologies. Let’s free up the State from this alienation and join our fate with the stars.