Are you insane?! – arguments for a rational and crazy world

16 Jun

First, you must be open to the possibility that the other person has in fact the rational competence to think through their belief system or any rash statement they have made and figure out a new perspective.

Second, you must be able to do this while at the same time seeing that that person could be completely correct, no matter how much it conflicts with your belief system.

Third, you must recognise that you are not sane because you are not capable of doing this all of the time. At least, I don’t think you can remain as a splendid individual and full of life if you make yourself “100%” objective in anything you think about.

Fourth, “100%” objectivity is insane. Why? Because sanity also requires that you appreciate the diversity of life by participating in it.

Fifth, this requires that you may choose to ignore the previous 4 steps.


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