Jigsaw head

1 Jul

At some point in life I came to certain realisations; then I came to realise a load more things.. Now I have all these unfinished or missing jigsaw pieces. I should best cherish the pieces I like and discard the rest, for this is my jigsaw. Wait, what piece was that?..

Be normal for fairness’ sake: What statistically constitutes a ‘Normal’ person?

16 Aug

Teens are impressionable, opinions on morality are conservative, narcissism levels have increased and anxiety levels are high. Normal is classified as the average person. And the average person will represent the times they live in. In many ways people are perhaps more self-centered than ever.

But this does not mean they are more easily led or that they are more dishonest. If one becomes self aware, one might also become more modest or even more self-critical. While the average person may be becoming more open minded to such things as diversity and individual freedoms, there also seems to be a resurgence of conservatism, prejudice and lust for power.

What I think constitutes a normal person is a conflicted, distracted, uninspired and morally challenged individual. Look at how we allow ourselves be bought by consumerism, politics we know we don’t even trust, and how we are entertaining ourselves away from the world’s most pressing issues. Is this not evidence enough that a “normal” person is inadequate at directing themselves into a safe future or caring for those around them?

Nonetheless, a normal person possesses the ability to be dedicated to their local or global community and to do so with great love and honour. This has proven itself throughout history and continues to do so as long as those who are strong, whether by the fortune of their circumstances or the sheer effort of their minds, help to push our species forward. Who knows how long this historical struggle shall continue.

But take a look in the mirror and realise your vulnerability as a unique being. Uniqueness and vulnerability have always been normal, and so has success under determination in the face of animosity. Be normal, go against injustice.

I’m not bothered to reference the studies and anecdotes I have been reading. It’s 4:30am where I am. But I hope this opinionated information compilation can be recorded as something useful. 


Existence Standards Mediocre?

1 Feb

Perhaps there are just too many people in the world to know or too many for things to work out well for everyone, but it seems to me that there is a society wide accepted standard for how to exist – and it’s not much higher than dead level.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “society” seems to not get that we’re supposed to be making life wonderful every day. Maybe I’m not living it highly enough myself. But I’m trying to find a market to pursue a career in playfully healing society to prevent abrupt climate catastrophe and avoid the collapse of civilization – so that I can leisurely pursue the timeless primitive life of basic living undisturbed by modern day barbarians – and my services are far too above standard for the general slave and slave driver population to detect.

To some extent, yes, I am a nut. But I do very much value a ‘yes we can’ mentality. There is endless love, experience and creativity to be found in a world where people, and the system, allow you to have or share a home that is in continuity with nature’s fruits; not so much the rotting ones.

I’m not saying people are exactly stopping me from the right or opportunity to have such a home. But besides the endless regulations, costs and utterly ignorant institutions that deter this from happening for any individual in the short run (as in now, while the climate isn’t totally out of control), the general “no we can’t” mentality – which for me frankly defines what is falsely labelled as “childishness” – is a long term threat, a short term threat, a constant gnawing threat to living and enjoying a long and fruitful life in harmony with nature and people.

I could enjoy the present moment and accept an expected explosion of torture and disturbance later in life. Or maybe I could stop thinking about them and be the example. Hmm.. perhaps the mediocre standards match my mediocre zest or pursuit.

Back to the drawing board with you damned eccentric elf!….


“Efficiency” is inefficient

17 May


If efficiency is satisfying only the completion of tasks or economic productivity, it is only benefitting the beneficiary. Now, if 98% of the people involved in any process are satisfied with that process, then they are beneficiaries. If the result is economic and 98% are happy with that, the top 1% could be no more a beneficiary than the poorest 1%. You could be really efficient at making progress in a computer game and watching your scores go up, but you mightn’t necessarily be enjoying any kinda numbers game.

If a system is efficient in getting decision making, meetings and tasks done in a way that satisfies everyone in enjoying the results and feeling a part of something, then it is efficient because it is satisfying people’s needs. If a percentage of people are left out, the happy majority have more than enough resources to give them guidance. If they don’t want to help, you gotta question just how satisfied they are with the “efficiency”.

You get the point. We are all aiming to satisfy our needs. Real efficiency is not measured in numbers. If we focus solely on getting more done in less time, we are very inefficient at generating, receiving and sharing fulfillment. Your eye’s not on the ball if your heart’s not on the prize.

overcoming vicious cycle of an “adolescent” society

27 Nov

Condemnation is a common affair in the public eye, as it is also while growing up. Or at least, there are plenty of blamers being heard around us, and not so many loud voices asking us to refrain from blame. But you can’t always convince a hormonal teenager, for example, that they are wrong. And that’s often because of a vicious cycle, not just their chemical nature. Likewise, a society without proper guidance will rebel against its ‘parent’ or state. And it may also be a repressive parent. Western society is maybe not the worst of parents. But it is built on a hierarchy of complicated bureaucratic control. We the people want freedom not only to have fun, but to have more control over every aspect of our lives. But we can also get used to being pampered if our parent does not guide us towards greater autonomy. Just as this young and learning society, known as civilisation, is not ready to reach adulthood and  take back its rightful share of power, the state is not yet ready to have kids. So both need to go through therapy together. What do you think that entails? Like any problem, we go through phases such as denial, acceptance and action. And when a problem exists between two people, we need to go through a process of needs based dialogue. That is, being able to go through a respectful process of expression and listening to each others’ needs. So imagine, how would society go about such a big process? Please join the discussion.

Solving cognitive dissonance: matching head with heart

25 Nov


You know why we can’t comprehend and act on things as big as climate change? It is not because we can’t. It is because we are addicts and inhibit our higher faculties. I guess I’d have to prove this before I start ranting, by becoming some kind of purist. But I can certainly tell you from my experience that I am more aware of the things that matter when I abstain not only from excessive consumption, such as food, shopping, the throwing away of goods or watching television, I find that I must be able to abstain from anything done in excess. Then you have to understand what is excess. It is a matter not to allow your focus to be entirely directed at something that makes you forget all the other important things around you, which you depend on to make that something continue. It is also an appreciation of all those other things. There is the consumption of things and then there is your focus being consumed. Too much of anything consumes you and that is something we learn to a certain extent as we go through life.

I say, collectively we have gotten stuck in a rut of societal norms which consume us all. For instance, I may wish to do something healthy with my friends like go for a hill walk or construct something in a garden. But if they wish to play computer games, I might end up just going along with the pack. For at least a part of our day we need to not only reach our higher faculties, but pursue things that expand our awareness. Even being heavily engaged in climate research could prevent you from expanding your awareness. You might be very passionate about what you’re doing but you might also easily forget each day what the climate’s relationship is to your survival and to a happier world. That is, you may know these things in your intellectual memory, but you do not feel them in your heart because you are so narrowly engaged in what you are doing.

Essentially, your focus might be consumed. Meditation is a way that can allow you to decouple from one excess and reconnect to both your deeper self and to its inherent relationship with the external universe. But this doesn’t mean you have to sit and chant ‘Ooohm’. It is simply allowing yourself to breath and relax at any moment of the day, not by shutting yourself down but by embracing whatever energy enters your body or thoughts. Meditation can be energetic.

In a moment of stillness, it is easy to feel anxious and distract yourself by dampening your senses or distracting yourself. But if you give it a chance on a regular basis, and trust that it can get better when it may be feeling worse, even if for a few minutes a day, you can learn to become who you were always meant to be. The anxiety, depression, frustration or numbness that might come to you when you take a step back, from the melee of life, is merely the habitual unfamiliarity of sensing your arising nature coming to life. And in noticing a sensation that you have often rejected, you are not immediately living the sensation – i.e. your vibrant self. Just give it a chance for a short period of time. It could be hours and it could be seconds. Whatever way you choose to do it, it can benefit you. I should know, I have been exploring this stuff first hand for years. And it turns out a lot of people are doing pretty much the same thing and getting the same kinds of results.

Now, you might also find that you are a very happy, content or energetic individual, yet still feel no pressure or role in facing a big challenge such as climate change – other than merely staying positive. You might not often stop to think, or feel, how inaction is affecting other people’s happiness and survival, or indeed your own in the future. The overwhelming thought process may discourage you from caring. This comes to you as a sign that you still have internal and external battles to face, if you are to truly maintain your will to thrive. And this may scare you, but need not send you into a panic. Again, the thought that you shouldn’t give up might trigger something tired and forgotten inside you to give up even further. But the ember burns inside us all, no matter how big or small. If you still don’t know what to do, give it time; consult with your neighbour; find others to talk about this. I tell you, if you don’t find the answers in you, someone out there will have the answer. And they will tell you that the answer lies within you. This need not seem daunting. How can you believe in it if you have not yet recognised that it’s there? Don’t worry if it doesn’t always work out. Let it come in time.

what makes us “developed”?

23 Nov

The reason nations in the global South are better known as low income countries rather than developing countries is because they are not developing countries. Simply from the point of view that we have the power to destroy things, and the power to catch up by giving temporary cures, makes us “developed”. We are so “developed” that we have the power to stifle the genuine development of other nations. If we in the West weren’t constantly siphoning the resources of other nations and sending our gratitude in the form of drought and geopolitical meddling, we would witness just how developed they really are.